Good morning mummy and daddy

I’m in a car park in a Swiss mountain near Simplon, heading towards Italy.
No major problems so far except the main tunnel, the St Gottard, I think, was closed last night so I was lead a jolly dance all over the country and TomTom took me for a train ride! Then there was nearly another one until I discovered the next departure was 05:45. So I drove over Simplon Pass heading towards Italy: one long 14km climb with the engine getting hotter and hotter until I saw steam whilst waiting at some temporary lights. This was followed by a long descent and cooking brakes. What a lovely smell!
We finally stopped at 01:30 in a nice, but not level, car park with toilets and a view of the snow capped mountains.
There is about 5.5 hours driving until the ferry from Venice if the Italian traffic is reasonable. The majority of the driving will be over once we’re on the ferry as there is only 3 – 4 hours from Patras to Piraeus and then a couple of hours from Souda Bay to Grammeno.
The doggies are snoozing following their walk, I’ve finished my coffee, the sun is shining and the view is very mountainous. I’m going to set off for Venice and see what the day brings.