So there you have it

Fortunately leopards are now mostly extinct on Crete so we may all sleep soundly in our beds.

It is still nice and warm although we had a few spots of rain.
Some new Swiss arrivals yesterday are also in a camper towing a trailer complete with dirt bikes and small children – they don’t tow the children. They have setup a coral by the kitchen area which is flat but very central being on everyone’s route to the kitchen, fridges and toilets. Their children amuse themselves riding their push bikes around the footpaths between the pitches.

My Swiss neighbour came to tell me he has a nasty ear infection and we have concluded he may have picked it up whilst swimming in the sea. He’s been quite poorly. He and his wife run a farm where they produce strictly natural cheese products from their 5 cows. Their son is looking after the farm in a bid to decide whether he wishes to take over the affair when the parents reach retirement.

Other than that, the sea is quite rough with exciting waves and I’m just off to walk the doggies.
So there you have it!