Why doesn’t Crete have leopards?

Interestingly I encountered a pride/flock/gaggle of leopards whilst out walking earlier. They were quite tame although a little frightened of the dogs.

I have seen Emily’s photos and communicated with her too. She says it’s cooler in UK than in Madagascar. There were some lovely pictures and they appear to have had a wonderful time.
Crete is still warm although it was quite windy earlier.
My Swiss neighbours are packing up today and have taken down their tent in preparation for their departure. I wonder who will be my new neighbours.
The other Swiss with a camper and trailer also have a large ATB or Quad bike. They have rigged up several strings of LED lights around their camper which makes it look very pretty in the dark. The lights remind me a bit of the decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas which I saw in Hawaii.
My main man Alex from Norway needed to check his Norwegian bank account so used my iPad to try to do it. For some reason he was unable to communicate successfully with his bank so has set off to Paleochora to use an ATM or visit the local bank.

Boris, who is tied to a tree, has retired to his bed and Dave is in the shade behind me making black dog noises.