Swallows II (gulp)

The swallows appear to have continued their journey to North Africa as they can no longer be seen on or around the beach.

I took Dave and Boris out first thing as usual then had a shower. I did some washing with the help of Boris. A quick chat to the German neighbours who remembered me from last year and then some coffee before taking Dave to the beach. Boris appeared to prefer the company of his bed under the cedars.
I was sleeping peacefully until my Norwegian/Russian/German friend Alex appeared bearing apples which I ate. We then drank coffee and chatted for a bit. Alex went off to the other beach and I read my book.
Boris is still in his bed under the trees, Dave is still on the beach under the trees and I just came back to get some water for Dave and an apple for me.
It is a perfect day but still windy: however it has veered and coming from North Africa today. The sun is sunny and my washing is drying.
Small children are playing in the sand or kicking balls.