Young Montalbano

I have just fished watching the 1st episode of Young Montalbano. I enjoyed it having downloaded it from YouTube where someone had kindly posted it.

You also get to meet Young Catarella too!
It’s been a lovely day of which I have spent most of it on the beach. The dogs are both exhausted by their exertions and currently competing in a snoring match. Surprisingly Dave is winning.
It’s still a bit windy, but nothing like yesterday and it’s been quite a lot warmer. I read somewhere that Crete is extremely windy, especially the east coast, so I understand.
Out walking this evening, we saw what looked like a cruise ship as well as a fishing boat and some pleasure craft. There was also a friendly Greek with a Terrier who came out of the beach bar to make friends with Dave and Boris – the owner and his dog.
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