Greek (Cretan) Bread

We are having Thursday today as yesterday was Wednesday.

There are fewer people on the camping now since my German neighbours have just left to go back to Germany then work on Monday.
I have a couple of younger Dutch neighbours across the road but they don’t have a lot to say and look as though they are packing up too.  The French camper from the top of the camping has gone too but there’s another smaller camper with a large canoe which has appeared recently. As it happened, they took the canoe out onto the sea yesterday afternoon.
The Swiss family with the camper, trailer, quad bike and soppy Rottweiller are still here as Boris and I had a chat when we went up to the kitchen to wash up earlier. They are staying until 16 when they have to go back to get the children to school. There are still some people in the chalets as there are signs of life from that direction and a car parked outside.
So now, on the beach side of the camping is just me at one end, Alex at the other with a Greek called Marco camping in the middle.
Still, the weather is nice, the sun is shining and the sky and the sea are both blue. What more do you need?
Earlier this morning, a large group of children, accompanied by adults, presumably from the local primary school, crocodiled along the beach towards the promontory which juts into the sea. It must be some sort of field trip as I can hear lots of voices carried in the wind. Anyone planning a quiet day on the beach to sunbathe and read may struggle I think. By the time we go back there later, they will have all gone.
End of report