I see you are having some rain today. We are also expecting some together with a little wind. It will probably start late evening then go into the night. A possibility of some thunder too, which will be a lot of fun for Boris.

Boris has taken to going swimming in the mornings as we come back from our walk. Alex was throwing sticks for him so he was swimming quite far out.
Chatting to the young Albanian chap who has been working here all the time I have been here, he is thinking about leaving Greece as he wants to earn more money and improve his lifestyle. He’s been sending most of his money home for his family. He wants to get a trade and make something of his life as he says he’s fed up being here. Good weather and a nice beach are just not enough when you’re 23 he says. I said I would see what England might offer him. He says he doesn’t mind the cold and rain and is willing to go to college to learn a trade.
The sky is cloudy and I have warned my neighbours about the possibility of impending storm. Unfortunately the father is not too well and has a bit of a chest infection. I said I would help them to secure everything and warned that it can be quite blowy on Crete. Their little boy is trying to learn some English words and his parents, particularly his mother, speak good English. Both parents are in mental health care and the mother has recently qualified as a woodworker. She makes solid wood furniture from her own workshop at home. An interesting and friendly couple who always ask me if I need anything whenever they go out to town or the village.
Is Costa full today?