It is extremely windy although the promised storm for last night was a real flop. There was a little rain, it was a bit windy and there was a bit of lightening but hardly anything to write home about.


Today I have been helping Inter Sport with their on-going Internet problem and their provider seems to feel there is something wrong with the telephone line. The story goes on.…


The Swiss with the Bikes, dog, small boys etc have set off today to return to Switzerland and the other Swiss family are leaving tomorrow; so no more small boys killing each other on the beach. My Austrian neighbours have decided to stay here longer. Their little boy came to me this morning to warn me that Dave had wandered off, tracked him down and led me to him.


My friend Alex, who is in a tent, has pulled down the sides of the beach bar as we did two years ago when we had that storm. The sea is not as rough as it was then, and, even then, it wasn’t rough enough to stop your lunatic grandson from swimming in it with his German buddy.


Boris has been racing up and down the beach retrieving his ball. He is soaked in sea water and covered with sand. He is one tired, soggy doggy. The nice lady from the camping went into town and has brought me back a big bag of dog food. And the young man from the camping still wants to come to England to learn plumbing and central heating.


We are having sun and showers now.


So there you have it for today.