We are having weather today

Fortunately the dog food has gone down well as they have both just gulped it down and at €20 for 20kg it’s the same price as I was paying in UK.

I forgot to mention that I have revised my van and pitch electrical installation today. I have an electricity meter to record the amount I use, as the normal rate is €3 per day. The meter is in an IP66 box between the electricity outlet and my hookup cable. With the piddly bit of rain in the night, I awoke to find my supply had tripped out. I expected it to as I had no sensible way to mount the box out of the rain. Whilst waiting for the guy to appear so I could get it switched back on, I decided to do a complete reorganisation of the supply. I’ve put the meter box under my table so that, from there, one cable goes off to the van and there are sockets available at to table to plug in chargers and power supplies when I’m working. Now also, my cables are no longer trailing over the pitch and the neighbour’s but go neatly around the perimeter of both pitches. I calculate that my weekly electricity consumption is around €4, just a bit more than the normal day rate.