Today is again lovely

Today is again lovely and started off with the usual walk over the rocks on the nearby promontory.

The sun was about to rise and the full moon, 180 degrees behind, was just setting in a violet sky – very attractive.
Yesterday was busy as there were still problems with Inter Sport’s Internet connection despite the false hope that it was working again properly. The company who provides the Internet supplied a replacement router so I was able to access it to restore Internet connection to the Lewes shop. They can now read their emails and answer them after several days without.
I have just tidied the van and Alex has gone on the bike to Paleochora to buy food for us. He seems to enjoy shopping, whereas I don’t, so he has gone off with a list to get some good deals. Shops close here on Sundays at this time of the year as there are fewer tourists. Alex is also good at cooking so wanders off to the kitchen periodically and produces interesting food. I brought supplies with me which are slowly being used up making space to put other stuff. People who come to the camping tend to buy food and then not eat it so we are able to use up what they leave behind. I suggested that we might leave a list in the kitchen with the products and brands we would prefer them to leave behind but Alex seems to think I’m mad. Now fancy that!
I am making bread and playing with Embroiderers’ Guild’s computers as well as doing a bit of cleaning. I hope too many flies do not fall into the dough as I feel it’s important to protect the local wildlife.
Boris is completely worn out and laying full-length under the bushes. Dave is snuffling behind me. We may move to the beach shortly…
How did the trip to the horsepiddle go?