All quiet on the Cretan Front

It’s getting colder now that October is drawing to a close. Not so much during the day but at either end of it. This morning it was 16C outside and 17C inside. The daytime temperature is still around 24C, the sky is blue and there is plenty of sun. After the habitual dog walk in the morning, I tend to stay in the van until the sun comes round. I get the sun on my back through the east facing window which helps me to keep track of time. My pitch is quite shaded so I might relocate when there is less sun.

Fewer people on the camping now as I think there were only about 10 on Monday. There are some Dutch in a VW camper who are away from me. They have a dog, a Terrier of all breeds!
Yesterday was busy as there were a few problems at Embroiderers’ Guild with the server due to some lightning over the weekend. Mike Fuller of Inter Sport was having email problems too but I think I have got to the bottom of that hopefully. I had a call from a guy in Hindhead who wanted some help with his Apple computers and Dan is arranging to see him sometime this week. I should be able to do some remote work with him as he wants to learn how to use his Apple computers as he is only familiar with the PC.
I think that just about says it all for the moment.