The weather is changing

After all the fantastic weather, I think it is at last changing.

I’ve had a good run for my money and now it has come to its end. Yesterday and today clouds began to appear and today there were clouds from dawn obscuring the sunrise. More clouds are appearing as the day progresses.
Dave and I went to the small supermarket which is less than 15 minutes walk from the camping: the alternative is to go to Paleochora and shop there. That means a 45 minute walk or 10 minute ride in on the bike. We bought lots of fresh vegetables and things for breakfast including tea for the evening. Since the weather is still quite warm, salads are still high on the list. With so many fresh vegetables, feta, olives etc…
The weather forecast was promising thunder today and we have not been disappointed. There are quite loud rumblings together with the possibility of a little rain too. Boris doesnt like thunder so has been barking a bit. On the positive side, I left Boris in the camping on his own whilst I went shopping and he was happily laying in his bed outside when I returned. He peered up when Dave and I returned but seemed little interested.
I am now inside the van as we are having a bit of a storm at present but fortunately Boris is scaring the thunder away by barking at it. The storm was forecast and I could see it coming so was able to bring in the bedding and washing in an orderly fashion. A recent arrival, an Englishman called John, was with me so I suggested he might wish to see to his tent and put in some guy ropes.
It’s passing now so normal service can soon be resumed.
I downloaded ‘The Coming Conquest of England’ from the Amazon Kindle website a couple of days back. It’s translated from German, written at the turn of the last century. The author was not an Anglophile and I doubt he envisaged his work being offered for free in Ebook form.
I did a bit of work for Inter Sport over the weekend, but other than that, quite uneventful.
The puppies are more or less permanent residents of the camping and Georgea, the owner, has fortunately taken a liking to them. They are growing rapidly so always hungry but Boris keeps his eye firmly on his bowl and leaves not a crumb!