Sunny periods and heavy showers today

I’ve not had access to the Internet today due to a faulty switch on the camping. Fortunately I happened to have one about my person so we are all up and running again.

It was quite sunny to begin with but then the showers started. It is still lovely and warm so I’m still wearing only shorts and a polo shirt: the rain coat is simply to keep off the rain.
The weather is coming over the mountains from the north: black clouds bringing some quite heavy showers. I was just about able to eat breakfast outside this morning and lunch was ok too. Taking Dave and Boris on their final walk I could see the clouds over the mountains so we rushed back to the camping before the rain had a chance to fall. If only I’d had my camera because there was a lovely sunset.
Tomorrow the forecast is for better weather. My English neighbour is leaving tomorrow leaving only Alex and I unless someone new comes. At present we seem to only have to occasional backpacker although tomorrow is Friday and there are usually more visitors at the weekends.
That about says it all for today