So what of today?

In contrast to yesterday, it has been a fine day. Warm and dry all day even though a fleece was required first thing (06:30) as it was getting light, the day went from strength to strength.

Busy for clients too: Inter Sport first with router configuration, LBS with a funny fax, followed by Embroiderers’ Guild with a web problem.
I however found time for a little beach relaxation to listen to some music before Marko, who does the bar in summer, came to say goodbye as he’s going to Chania for a bit and then probably to Athens. We exchanged emails and had a little chat before he went off with all his bits.
John, the Englishman camping next to me, has found a place to stay in Souda before catching the ferry to the mainland. He wishes to see a bit of Greece before leaving for India and finally New Zealand sometime next year. I gave him a long list of interesting places to see but I think it will depend on the weather.
This evening we went for our walk along the rocks right to the end. I was wearing only shorts and a polo shirt, and I did not feel cold, I stood on a tall rock listening to Jimmy Hendrix playing All Along the Watchtower watching the sun setting – Way to go as they say!
So now we are back at the van; the sky is a beautiful orangy-pink colour and it’s almost dark. My laptop has an illuminated keyboard, but then I can touch type anyway. I’m not certain of which entertainment I shall choose for this Friday evening but there is an extensive choice including a little TV watching, reading my book or listening to music. I shall pull down the blinds to show that visitors are unwelcome and that about sums up the day.