Without drizzle, it’s not a proper Remembrance Day!

I was on the phone to O2 as my mobile contract needs renewing, so I had to wait until the 2 minutes silence had passed before I could talk to anyone.
My conversation with the O2 customer service representative was eventually fruitful although he told me that he couldn’t do a better deal at the start. It took a little while but I finally got the deal I was hoping for. Some companies are offering unlimited minutes to all UK mobiles and landlines plus a whole heap of Internet access for £16 a month. I wasn’t interested in the data as I’m not in UK, but I wanted unlimited minutes since now I’m using my mobile much more.
Using the iPad we could actually have a conversation where we can see each other too if the urge takes you.
It’s a little dull today and quite cloudy. We had some thunder early but Boris pretended it wasn’t there so it went away. There will probably be more thunder later too I shouldn’t wonder together with some rain possibly. There it goes again…thunder. Boris is outside but I’m in the van because the electricity sometimes goes and my laptop batter is dead.
I have just made some more bread using Greek flour and it’s stilling on the oven cooling down. It should be able to be eaten soon and I have some nice salad to go with it.
I forgot it was Chris’ birthday on November 5, which is not really a very hard date to remember. Anyway we had a long chat on FaceTime last night so we were able to see each other. He/She is looking more and more like a woman now but I should imagine it’s quite hard in some respects. We have nevertheless proved that FaceTime will work over the WiFi for over an hour.
Looking out of the back of the van I can see the clouds coming down from the mountain so I suspect we may be in for some rain quite soon so I had better take in my bedding which I put out to air each morning. Boris is outside snuggled up in his bed and will be happy there unless it rains of course.