Shopping in Paleochora

This morning I went shopping in Paleochora as I had completely run out of dog food. I also found the time for a ride and a walk around the town. I went to the Paleochora camping which seems quite nice but is quite a long way out of town especially if you happen to be walking. The beach is across the road and is pebbles. The mountains are very nearby but then they are near here too. The Paleochora camping looks quite small and all the motorhomes and caravans are parked next to each other.

Alex left this morning to go back to his partner and daughter in Latvia – he’s going to find it very cold there after here as it was 25C today. So now, that leaves just me and a German guy with a tent and he will probably go fairly soon as it will be cooler and wet over the next few days. Soon I could have the entire camping to myself – I could use a different loo every day for a couple of weeks and would have plenty of choice in showers too although not all of them are hot as they are beach showers.
There are many more clouds now and we could be into a bit of a storm tomorrow so you will probably hear Boris barking!
My trip to Paleochora was interesting as I had not actually spent time exploring the town in the past as I was there mainly for shopping, it was hot and the dogs were in the car. This time I could leave the dogs at the camping for a couple of hours and go by bike which meant I could visit the entire town and port area. Walking around there, everyone says good morning –  even a woman sitting knitting inside her house and an old man sitting in his garden. The old man engaged me in conversation but he was Cretan so I was struggling to understand him. There are lots of rooms to rent and a very posh hotel called the Princess of Libya which is completely closed up, Lots of people of all ages sitting drinking coffee as there’s not a lot of work and the tourist season has almost totally come to an end.
Dave is snoring in the front, Boris is at my feet and the sea is crashing on the beach. As it’s nearly going home time in UK, I need to do some work on one of the computers at the Embroiderers’ Guild.