Winter is coming – even in Crete

It’s getting chilly now as the temperature is dropping and there is a cold wind from the north.

I was busy in the morning yesterday but managed to get on the beach for a while. This now requires a little fortitude as it is quite chilly in the wind. I was wearing a hoodie but still shorts and was able to survive for quite a while. Later we went for a walk along the coast westwards as there were a couple of ships at anchor there. It was clear and sunny with a blue sky. The wind was cold though.
Last night I resorted to long trousers and we were not too hot. I take Dave for a little wander at bedtime and I was very glad to be back inside. This morning it was pretty cool to begin with so I was wearing a hoodie when I went to the shops. I left both dogs behind as it was warm enough for Boris to be outside and Dave was happy to be inside. Whilst walking from the loos, I was wondering why all the camping dogs were barking when I saw a lady wandering at large. We had a bit of a chat in Greek and English and it transpired that she is the mother of the owner, her son, who lives in Athens. She said that her husband is going to be 100 in a few days and made a point of telling me that he still has all his marbles. Apparently, Georgia, who lives on site, manages the camping for her son. She said that she would like to practice her English and I said I would like to practice my Greek so she’s going to try to come back in a few days. As you can imagine, she has a few miles on the clock too. Definitely a family to keep in with.
Most of today has been organising the van and chucking away rubbish. I even washed the floor! I cleaned the sink in the shower block and intend attacking the shower  soon too. Addie, the young Albanian guy who has worked here for several years, has gone into ‘winter’ mode so nothing much gets done. Can’t say I blame him. Since I’m now on my own, I feel it would be nice to get a few things organised.
This evening, whilst walking the dogs, I met a young man who was taking photos on the promontory. He spoke to me in English and we chatted about photography and Crete. He said he was leaving Crete soon to study in New Zealand where his mother comes from. He and his parents are going there for three months to sort out his education amongst other things. He was throwing sticks for Boris and mentioned that they have a dog which requires looking after whilst they’re away. As far as he knew, they had been unable to find anyone reliable to look after the dog and the house. I said that I would be up for it but could see that there might be compatibility problems with the dogs. Anyway, he took my email address and said he would contact me if they couldn’t find anyone else. The house is several km from Paleochora up in the mountains so I understand, and is quite remote.
So there you have it. I’m in my boudoir and about to go to sleep.