Busy morning

You’ve had a busy morning and so have I as I’ve been on the phone for most of it!

Mother should have copies of all my emails as I send them to both of you to save you having to print them out.
It’s very warm today – 24C as I write and 26C in here where I’m working. It is quite windy and the sea is getting a little angry with some quite large waves. I have done some washing and hung it up to dry in the beach bar because it may rain tomorrow and I’m not sure it it will dry by this evening. Exciting stuff!
I’ve had quite a few jobs recently and have another one this evening for a customer in Hindhead. She was unaware that I had gone and seemed quite amused at being called from Crete. She told me that she had a lovely holiday in Crete once.
Not a lot more to report other than I’ve not had any lunch yet so I’d better get something to eat.
I have downloaded Last Tango in Halifax which I will probably watch this evening.
The series which none of us could remember with the barristers is called Silk. There is no indication that there will be a 3rd series.