Crete is still here

Crete is still here, well, the southwestern part at least: I cannot vouch for the remainder.

I’m sure Pete will be along with the remainder of the crew to do Dr Bike.
It is sunny but cloudy this end with a bit of a stiff breeze. Boris is outside in his bed and Dave is in here with me whilst I try to sort out a computer problem for EG.
I may have a cup of tea in a minute.
Nasty motorcycle people have have been riding their bikes on the promontory leaving great tracks in the sand. I understand piano wire stretched tightly across the path is a good cure…
The sea is quite rough today and it’s 21.3C outside.
I had another chat and went for a little walk along the beach with the mother of the camping owner yesterday. Boris came too with his stick. Apparently the nearby development has been slow due to the fact that the bank would only release the money in small packets. She asked me how much I was paying to be on the camping and she  felt that I was paying too much! Her husband will be 100 on 8 December and she will go back to Athens to celebrate the event but finds him very demanding so comes here for some peace and quiet. He has a nurse so there’s no abandonment involved here.
No more news of any interest for the time being other than a fly is sitting on my laptop – we have lots of flies at the moment.