Hello Mummy!

Thank you for the nice email.


I received it when I got back from the evening dog walk. We went the other way this time – towards Elafonissi along the coast westwards. I know there are lots of people who just walk their dogs in the same old park every day and around here it’s a lot more interesting than a park, but I still think it’s nice to make a change.


This morning, at about 05:00 we had a thunderstorm, lots of lightning, rain and, surprisingly, thunder. Boris barked for a bit but then went back to bed. The rain was quite heavy for a while but then settled down to something reasonable. Now the plants will grow even more and so will the grass. Soon I will need a lawn mower to keep down the area around my van.


Your password for everything is Christ0pher – the o is a ZERO and there’s a capital C


I thought you might just have remembered that one: I have mentioned it before…


Christmas at Glebe Close will be nice and I’m sure the whole crowd will get together for New Year. I’m planning a nice walk to Elafonissi on Christmas Day with a picnic on the beach if it’s sunny. There is pink sand there, a bit like Alum Bay, there’s also a ruined lighthouse, destroyed by the Germans and lots of interesting things to look at.


It is getting colder now and likely to 8C early morning by the end of the week. Fortunately the daytime temperatures are good. I’m having to wear a hoodie for a lot of the time or a light windproof jacket when I go out on the beach or the headland.


I’ve heard nothing from my house sit people so I should imagine they managed to find someone who didn’t already have two dogs. Still, it’s warmer by the sea anyway.


I’ve not seen the owner’s mother recently but know that she hasn’t gone back to Athens yet as her husband is not 100 until 8 December. Last time I met with her we went for a walk on the beach. When Alex went back to his partner and daughter in Latvia, he left his tent and a few other personal items including some towels. I rehomed the towels as they are always useful for dogs and putting on the floor when it’s wet. You can imagine how much sand comes into the van then. Whilst we were walking around I mentioned that his tent would not be used again and saw that, shortly after, everything had been taken down and tidied up. It would seem she gets stuff done.


I was going to go shopping yesterday, but was so busy with support calls, I didn’t have time so must go today. I have lots of stuff still which I brought with me but prefer to buy fresh food and save the other for a rainy day.


I was speaking to Maureen, at the Guild yesterday, who I stayed with when I went to Glasgow earlier in the year. Sadly her dog died a couple of weeks ago. She had been ill but had treatment which kept her going for a while. Now Maureen has a guide dog, not a retired one, but one which can’t quite make it as a guide dog after training. She looks beautiful and she arrived yesterday so I’ve attached a photo for you to see her for yourself. The reason why she didn’t make it as a guide dog is because she lacks focus – Maureen felt that they would get on together very well!


Due to the rain, I got up an hour later, as I didn’t fancy having two wet dogs in the van today and it was still raining so I decided that staying in bed would be a good choice. We didn’t get up until nearly 08:00 – such decadence! As the sunrise gets later, we are tending to go out in the morning at about 06:45 and then again around 16:00 so that there’s time to tidy up before the sun sets at 17:14. Only another 25 days until the shortest day and then it’s all downhill to summer!


Anyway, I need to get to the shower before the crowds come so will catch you later. If you leave the computer on, I can fix the date.