Welcome to December!

And a happy December 1st to you!

Just think, there are only another 24 shopping days until Christmas.
I think I will be doing all of my shopping online this year as there is little choice in the local supermarket unless you are all up for some feta and a few olives. However, I feel they may not travel that well and it would be probably easier, and a lot simpler, to go into Waitrose and buy some there.
On the subject of Waitrose, have you heard of something called the Waitrose Effect? Apparently this is a phenomenon whereby property prices in the locality rise as soon as Waitrose puts in an application to open a store.
There is no Waitrose on Crete; however some local residents seemingly refer to the local AB store as ‘Waitrose’ because the quality of the products is good and the staff are polite and helpful.
Please note that my laptop keyboard is becoming increasingly unreliable so the management is not able to accept responsibility for any missing or incorrect characters. I think it is something to do with using the laptop outside when it was very windy and the sand blowing into it.
Bye for now…