Windy Crete

When I came here, I knew it would be windy and I have not been disappointed, especially today, as it’s blowing very hard indeed. It is coming from the east so running along parallel with the south of the island. I have just come back from walking the dogs and we went on our usual walk along the promontory but missing out on the east side due to the heavy seas. There is also an east-facing stretch of beach where the rollers are smashing into the land.

On the camping, we are protected by the promontory, so it’s relatively calm. I didn’t notice anyone working on the building project adjacent, but then it’s quite early for a Sunday. They are definitely working to complete the project sooner rather than later and I should imagine both the bank and the developer are keen to see return on their investment.
As I write, the sky is darkening by the minute so there could be a storm out at sea. Hopefully Boris won’t need to bark in order to scare it away. The forecast for today and tomorrow is gale force 8 – 9 together with a medium risk of thunder this evening. Looking further ahead, it could be quite wet on Tuesday with a little more over the next couple of days. I tend not to rely on the longterm forecast as, after all, this is quite a small island.
On Friday I was busy all day with support stuff: one in Malling Lewes, one in Haslemere (a new customer) and the remainder at Embroiderers’ Guild. I didn’t finish until 19:00 and was still fiddling around whilst eating my meal. I sat and watched TV for a bit after and then went to bed.
On Thursday, I did a bit on your computer and set it to back up. Hopefully it was able to complete successfully although I haven’t checked yet.
Over the past couple of nights it’s been really quite cold and I’ve had to resort to a wooly hat and socks in the evenings and nights. Last night the temperature was 19C and now is back to over 20C. In fact, despite the wind, I woke up and opened the roof light above my bed as I was so warm! It will get chilly again when it starts to rain. You remember that rain I was talking about earlier, it’s happening now. No thunder yet though.
I had a text from Terry after the operation and I understand he may be released on Monday if he can be registered with the local GP in time. But then you probably already know this anyway.
I need to train my brain so will now get on with my daily Lumosity training. Apparently my BPI (Brain Performance Index) is improving well. At present I am only using the free version of the product so the features and the number of games is limited. Are you training your brain?