I have contacted Gina at Accolade and she has edited the site so that people cannot send information without putting in a series of characters first to prove that they are a real person.

I tried to access the computer to see if the backup had completed correctly but it was switched off.

It is sunny at the moment and Boris is laying outside in his bed. Dave is laying in the doorway.

Up until recently, it has been very windy and also wet. It is still quite threatening but it seems to pass over without doing anything nasty.
It is 24C outside as I write: I have the roof vents and the door open and it’s still very warm. I refuse to believe it will be like this for very long. At least I will get a nice hot shower later because the water didn’t seem all that warm when I went to test it earlier. The water is solar heated so is not all that amazing if there is no sun!

Perhaps you could leave your computer on when you go for lunch?


The first question I have to ask you is whether it’s cold or did you mention it?

I can now report that I have had a nice warm shower thanks to the sun coming out today. It’s all down to timing.

The afternoon has been warm and we’ve had a pleasant walk towards the west. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes don’t waste any time as soon as it gets warmer so I’ve been bitten whilst out.

There is a lovely sunset but we are insideĀ as it starts to get a bit chilly about now.

You don’t need to leaveĀ the computer on all the time, just when I need to do things to it. It doesn’t cost too much but less if the monitor is off.

Did you see the photos I left for you to look at when you went to lunch?

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