I have done my Lumosity brain training, had a shower, done my washing and hung it all up in the covered area which is fortunate as it has just started to rain, and been shopping. The ladies in the supermarket are starting to get wise now: the deli counter lady looks at me and asks if I want olives and feta for a change. and the lady on the checkout reaches out for bags and then remembers that I don’t want them as I have my own. Dave came shopping with me and we are very lucky as it has just, this minute, started to rain.

I am now about to make some bread and have a cup of tea whilst the rain hopefully passed. I can see glimpses of sun through the rain. I think it may be a day of showers. Hopefully not when we are out again later as I don’t really need two smelly wet dogs in the van.
And it’s not ever 12:00 yet!

Just to let you know that Crete can be VERY windy – in case you don’t know.

The van is rocking from side to side quite violently. As the wind is now from the north, the temperature has fallen rapidly so we’re talking 12C outside: together with the wind = pretty chilly – not as cold as you but chilly nevertheless.

Most of my washing was mostly dry, however, the hoodie, being somewhat thicker than the rest is now hanging over the steering wheel.

No more rain, just LOTS OF WIND!!

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