We seem to have a bit of a communication problem regarding the Internet today. I’ve checked the camping setup and think it’s to do with the provider.

So today I’m using 3G which is very slow and which I have to pay for! 
The result is that, until the camping’s Internet connection is working again, communications will be limited as my daily data allowance is quite small.

Let’s hope the Internet connection is fixed soon.

It is still cold today – around 12C this morning at 07:00. There was a little sun earlier but it’s cloudy and a little dull. There is much less wind than yesterday and what little sun there is, heats up the interior of the van quite quickly. The oven is also contributing as the bread is baking.

I am no longer alone as a French motorhome has recently arrived who has set up camp adjacent to the utility buildings.

The dogs are happy because the nice camping lady went into town and brought back 40kg of mutt food which should keep them going for a little while. Last time I asked, I had 3 days left and they didn’t go to the shop for over a week so I bought a small quantity from Paleochora. This time I had loads left and they brought me more the following day! I found somewhere to put it so it will last a while.

Writing long emails with an iPhone is not so easy so will write again later if I have some data left. 


A new enquiry. Jolly good!

I was looking on Amazon and I noticed that several US booksellers are advertising Scram Perhaps we could sell it on Amazon UK?

We have Internet again! Bravo!

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