All to buggery

So, can I gather from the subject line that you didn’t have a good computer day today?

If I knew a little more about the nature of the problem, I might be able to help more.

Edward said he would come to take a look at your computer battery because I think it’s almost run out. I felt it better that he should look at the actual battery rather than try to guess what it is. This would explain the ‘press F1’ error when you startup. The battery itself is not vitally important although it keeps the real-time clock accurate when the computer is switched off as well as store the BIOS settings – hence the Press F1 message.

We still have a westerly wind today so it is warmer than earlier in the week. It was only 16C when we went out just after 07:10 this morning: better than 12C.

We just got back in time because it poured down briefly whilst I was drinking my tea and doing my brain exercises. Apparently, my brain is improving…

Later the sun came out and it was quite warm so I decided to perform a little routine maintenance to the washroom skylight as I know there have been problems there in the past. I was unable to undo all of the screws so was prevented from doing a proper job but I lifted the edges up as much as I could to push in some mastic externally. That roof light is most likely original, as are they all I suspect, and could really doing with changing soon to prevent further leaks. We are going to have more wet weather over the next couple of months so I thought it better to look at it now rather than later.

My weather forecast told me the other day that there was going to be something like 85mm of rainfall in one day. I dismissed it as a fault until I heard that there was very heavy rain, but it fell on Hania, on the other side of the mountains. So much so that there was flooding and all manner of unhappiness.

Also today I have set up the larger of the two dog cages outside with a waterproof cover over it. I decided to let Boris vote with his feet so I left the covered cage with blanket inside, beside his daytime bed. I carried on with my roof repairs and took no notice. Later I saw that he’d forsaken the plastic bed for the cage and was laying inside. Boris appears to like being outside as long as possible and is in the cage now, even though it’s early evening and slowly getting dark. At this time of year, there are no sandflies so there’s no reason for him to come in if he’s happy outside.

For the rest of the day, I have no exciting plans other to install some software for Inter Sport in Lewes and watch a couple of BBC programs I downloaded early this morning. I had to drag Mike Fuller into the shop earlier as the server had failed to start following an update I’d loaded. Mike had attended a bit of a beano with a group of friends yesterday so was a little fragile when he received my text with the good news about the server at 07:30 (GMT). He said that he would have stayed in bed a lot longer if he’d been able to but I suggested his wife would probably have decided to hoover the bedroom, wash the curtains or relocate the bed to the garden rather than see him lazing in bed on a Saturday morning.

I think that sums up all the excitement for today!

Boris is still outside and it’s nearly dark…

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