I have finished updating everything on your computer and backing it up, so you can turn off now.

Everything is normal here and all dogs alive and well.

It’s been a bit variable today although generally warm and sunny with occasional showers – some heavy. I sound like the shipping forecast.

We had a power cut earlier and now there is no Internet access which is a bit frustrating as I have to use my mobile.


But now the router has been restarted as Addie has dragged himself into action and I have wireless Internet again.

And even later…

Did you know that, even in December it’s possible to hang out your washing at around 17:15, just as the sun is setting, and for it to be dry by 22:00. Ok, so the jeans have a bit to go, but the shorts and polo shirts were all dry. And they were hand washed so wrung but not spun.

Been busy today, once the power and Internet were back on, installing a new computer and transferring data by remote. Technology is marvellous!


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