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As there is still no Internet and I have to use my iPhone to send messages, this one will not be long I’m afraid. I have paired my bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone to make it a bit easier but the screen is still small and not that easy to read.

Seeing as I have had a little time and no recorded stuff to watch, I thought I would spend some time sorting out a more comfortable viewing arrangement. I deliberately brought a computer monitor with me so I have now adapted it to work as a permanent screen. Up until now I’ve been using my MacBook for watching TV programs downloaded using iPlayer from the BBC. Since I don’t have¬†any means to download, and I have lots of films recorded from Natasha’s collection recorded before she went to DRC, I thought I would use the small¬†computer Dan gave me, to set up something sensible. I’ve only made one small hole, and that was behind the curtains for the wires to get up to the space above. I’ll take a picture tomorrow so that you can see what I have done. The first film I have watched is Billy Elliott – just seemed like a good idea.

It has been warmer today with lots of sun and little wind. It was raining first thing so our walk was delayed for a bit. The clouds over the mountains looked threatening on several occasions, but it came to nothing. I think we got up to about 16.5C today. It’s cooler now, down to 11C but it was only 8C when we went out this morning.

So there you have it! Must go and take Dave out for his wander and have some food.

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