Lovely sunny day

And a lovely sunny day we are having here too. If only it wasn’t so windy, I would be out enjoying it! Inside it is nice and warm as the front of the van faces south so can enjoy the sun all day. Both dogs are laying on the blankets at my feet. 

I have been quite busy this morning catching up on emails and phone calls so have not been out much. A south-facing location out of the wind is a definite advantage.

I have just received my phone bill. O2 provide a comprehensive billing and usage analysis showing the destination of calls and texts. I seem to spend quite a lot of time calling +441273 472962!

I shall communicate with Ed to see what can be done about your printing as he will finish school soon so may have more time to help. 
I think I knew that Val and Mike were getting married but they have been so long together, I can scarcely see the benefit.

More emails to answer…


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