Lazing in the sun

I’m lazing on a lounger in the sun having just enjoyed my lunch. There is a warm southerly breeze, the sea laps gently upon the shore and Dave is snoring as he lays in the sun.

I won’t mention the dirty black clouds massing over the mountains as that would rather spoil the illusion.

It is lovely today and tomorrow should hopefully be the same. The warm wind from the south seems to be prevailing over the cold north wind.

I’ve made bread, written emails, sent invoices, cooked lunch and tidied up a bit. I’ve taken in yesterday’s washing as it wasn’t dry enough yesterday through lack of wind. The wind makes all the difference. 
I’ve even sent a Christmas card – a virtual one you understand, as I don’t do postage, especially from here.

Later, since the sun has been shining, the water should be just right for a nice hot shower.

So there you have it…


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