New Year’s Eve

There are plenty of ways of keeping in touch and I believe we were on the phone yesterday dealing with your computer.

I use a thing called Hangouts which is a kind of message thing where you can chat with someone interactively or just leave a comment to be answered at a later time. I shall introduce Terry to this to see how he gets on with it.

This evening I shall be with the Natives for New Year. We are getting together at about 19:00 UTC (21:00 local time). This mad orgy will include Georgia’s mother who is a very good cook from what I have experienced of her culinary activities. Together with a couple who come to the camping several times every year. I have not actually met them to talk to, having only seen them from afar.

Will you be seeing in the New Year at some equally exciting event? Your New Year (UTC) will be my 02:00 but I might still be up at that time.

I have done lots of washing and I need to go shopping as the fridge is pretty bare at the moment. Boris is in his boudoir and Dave is in with me.


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