We’re all alive and well in not-so-sunny Crete.

It was lovely over the weekend and you may recall I was laying in the sun on Sunday just in shorts.

However, today, it is different, but then it is January. It is not windy but quite wet. It’s 14.6C outside according to my thermometer, and 18.2C inside. I have no heating on and have not used any heating for days. Even then, it’s only for an hours or so in the evening. There’s really no need for it during the day as 18C is a fairly sensible temperature.

It is quite bright and the rain is pattering gently on the van roof. I went out earlier with Dave to do the washing up and for me to visit the facilities. There is no hot water because of the recent lack of sunshine, so I may resort to putting on the electrical heating so that I can have a hot shower later. Alternatively, I could just stay dirty until the sun shines again…

Quite busy today with support calls so have to attend to another which has just come in.

I cannot see Costa from here but assume there are not many outside.

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