The sun

It’s all happening in Lewes today!

Quiet here though as I am alone again.

No rain but no sun either. Some large gusts of wind too…

Despite the pessimistic forecast, the sun is out today and it is 17C as I write. Hurrah!

Boris is here looking at me like a soppy dog and I suspect he might want to go out into Boris’ Boudoir to enjoy the sun. He keeps walking to the open door and gazing out.

I am now the only non-dog on the camping as both Georgia and Maria left yesterday. They have left me food in case I need to feed their dogs. Georgia was not well yesterday and had a temperature. She is in Hania (Chania or Χανιά) depending on how you feel.

My friend and client Jo in Hindhead has just contacted me for IT support and to tell me that her father passed away on 1 January. He had been unwell for a while and got a chest infection which finally got him.

I need to connect to your computer later today to archive your mail and run a backup. Perhaps you could leave it on for me later?


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