Is it?

It’s nice and warm here and my washing should hopefully be dry soon.

The wind is from the south although its a bit cloudy 
18.5C outside where Boris is in the sun.

I was surrounded by puppies yesterday as 4 of them leapt out of the bushes at us on our morning walk. They followed us back to the camping so I had to remove them to another location. I took them some food and water and a blanket and settled them in one of the kantina which are used for drinks and ices in the summer. I have contacted an animal charity and hopefully someone will get back to me soon. There were 4 puppies but now there are 3 so one of them may have found a new home.

Today I have done lots of washing which is drying in the wind and sun. As we are in a new year, I even decided I might wash my bedding too even though it is too early for the Spring Bed. Last night I even had the roof vent above my bed open for a little air!

I’ve been busy and am in the middle of a job even now, on a Sunday. Some people have no respect for the Sabbath!

I got to the final episode of the Swedish serial The Bridge. It was very gripping although a bit messy. I good plot though with lots of twists…

So there you have it!


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