My local weather station

Here is a link to a PWS (Personal Weather Station) which is only a very short distance from me in Kountoura.

Kountoura PWS

click the link above to see the current weather

You can see the actual weather as it occurs as well as look at data from previous years.

The four puppies that I mentioned from Saturday are now 3 and I took them to the kantina on Grammenos Beach and set them up with a bed, food and water. I have been visiting them to see that they are OK and to give them more food. Georgia was not keen to have more puppies as she was afraid they would stay. I have been in touch with Cretan Animal Protection and hopefully someone will be able to find homes for them.

Last night, I was coming back with Dave from his walk, and went to the sinks where I had left some water bottles. I heard a dog growl at me and there was another, slightly older, puppy under the sink. I left her some food which I could see she ate and she was still there this morning. So now I have 3 boys and a girl as well as Dave and Boris. Boris told the puppies off as they were far too friendly for his liking so now they keep well clear of him. The small puppies are now in the large dog cage outside (Boris’s Boudoir) and the little bitch is still under the sink as far as I know. Fortunately, Georgia is not on the camping as she returned yesterday evening to Chania for the day. She might not like the idea of her camping turning into a dog shelter!

The boys are very quiet at the moment having greeted Dave and Boris when we went for our walk earlier. They came rushing up from the beach kantina where they had spent the night. They all followed us back to the camping so I have put them in the cage with food and water. They have stuffed their faces so are hopefully now sleeping. (update: I think they are awake now)

You should be able to see the pictures HERE

I’ve also been quite busy with work as people keep calling me with broken computers.

When I was here in 2011 with Edward, we went to see Martin and Sandy who live on the other side of the mountains near the north coast. I had lost their email address, but Clive kindly gave it to me again as it was he who introduced me to them. I wrote to them yesterday and received a long email in response. Apparently, they had a stray dog which they adopted but it ran off! Pastures new I suppose. They have problems with their wireless Internet so I suspect they are hoping I will come and fix it.

It’s 10:30 so UK offices will be opening shortly and this van looks like a tip! Since Boris’s Boudior is stuffed with puppies, I’m going to need to take them back to the kantina and do something with the other one.

It’s sunny and warm!


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