So far today

I got out of bed at 06:00 to let the puppies out for a wee as I could hear there might unexpected side effects otherwise.

At 07:15 I took Dave and the puppies for their morning walk, fed and watered the puppies and then took Boris out for his morning walk.
On returning, following Boris’ walk, I had a shower and took Boris back to the van.

I trained my brain for 15 minutes and had a cup of coffee then mixed up the dough for some bread.

Dave and I hung up the bedding in the sun and then I took Dave and the puppies for a trot on the beach. Boris and I did some washing: smelly puppy blankets and my stuff. I washed my stuff first, strangely, then shoved it in the washing machine to rinse – perks of being camp commandant.

I then did the washing up from last night and hung up the dog blankets.

By this time the washing machine had finished so I hung up my clothes, at which point the sun went in.

I sat on the lounger for 5 minutes in the sun having been joined by Dave.

Now I’m waiting for the oven to heat up so that I can bake the bread
Female puppy is whining because she knocked over her water bowl making her cage all wet so now she is sitting in a puddle.

Last night I took Dave and the puppies for their evening wee/poo run about 21:00. On Sunday night there was a bit of a party at the kantina on the beach and there was a BBQ involving interesting smells and meat. Last night the wee/poo party took themselves off to the kantina leaving me in the dark walking back to the van. So I closed the gate, closed the cages and went in for 25 minutes to carry on watching episode 4 of the Bridge. By this time, they had returned, couldn’t get into their cages and had formed a pressure group outside the van which I continued to ignore until I got to a suitable point in the Bridge.
They were all very pleased to see me when I finally opened the door and let them back into their cages. Dave was still on the beach as he could not get through the gate whereas the puppies can wriggle through the fence.
Maybe they will not wander off in the future…
Putting the bread in now.
Today I am wearing just shorts, partly because my shirt is drying since I sprayed myself with water when washing up.
So the day progresses…

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