Lots of wind today

It’s still from the south so pushing the sea up the beach, gusting to 30km/h, so strong enough to make me want to wear a jumper.

It’s quite sunny with a few clouds and 19.4C as I write.

Not much going on today: a couple of support calls and I’m filling in my tax return as well as doing Matthew’s – just like old times!
Georgia should be coming to the camping today with some dog food hopefully, as I have little left. I asked if she could bring me 40kg as, having 4 puppies, is the equivalent of an extra dog.

A few minutes ago, I was sitting by them eating some bread and olives and they were laying quietly in the sun, in their cages. I can tell they are bored now as the boys have gone back to beating each other up and they have not been out for a while.

I’m off to take them for a little stroll on the beach… 


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