Wet and windy


Yesterday I received four emails from you in one go. I’m not sure why that was but perhaps it might be a good idea if you leave your computer box turned on later so that I can check it out and back it up.
Yesterday we had showers and sunny periods followed by some clear spells in the evening. I managed to walk all of the dogs without getting wet and I moved the puppies to the comparative shelter of the bar area where there is a roof although no sides. Dave and I took the puppies out twice during the evening as usual and I put them to bed finally around 22:30.

We had some thunder and lightning in the night as well as some quite heavy downpours. My weather software was warning me of 40mm of precipitation over 24 hours and the possibility of landslides and such like. We have had nothing like 40mm, only 3mm, so I suspect the north of the island will probably get that lot.

This morning we went out at 07:45 and it was very windy but not too wet. By the time we had got back, it had started to rain but the dogs remained fairly dry apart from Dave who insisted in standing in the rain rather than finding shelter whilst I fed the puppies. If you do not monitor their feeding, it turns into a circus with one getting it all and the smallest getting nothing. Consequently, I feed them separately with their designated food bowl – a plastic takeaway container.
Fortunately, the sun is now shining a bit so hopefully, we’ll be able to get outside for a while and I’ll be able to sweep out some of the 20 tonnes of sand which has found its way into the van.

The forecast is for rain over the next couple of days but things change so rapidly that I find it easier to look at the satellite maps and work it out for myself.

More later – you’ll let me know if you leave the computer on?


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