Payback time

After all the nice weather so far in 2014 it’s now Payback Time.

Yesterday we had 14.1mm of rain and it was pretty chilly – by Crete standards anyway. The sea is calmer today but was right up the beach during the night. It is no longer breaking over the rocks with such force and I managed to get the entire pack to brave the sea and cross the section where waves break over. Not without some lack of enthusiasm on the part of certain individuals – not the smallest of the puppies surprisingly.

At one point yesterday we lost power and I was in the middle of baking bread. I now know that it is possible to continue the baking process at a later time: the power didn’t come back on until some 3 hours later. I’m not sure what the problem was but I know it affected the entire camping although the street lights came on when it got dark. Georgia was here so she must have sorted it out. I have batteries so my lights work but I cannot support my laptop for long and the Internet connection or WiFi stops working too.

When the power finally came back, the WiFi was working but the router in the office was having a bad router day, as it often does after a power failure so we had no Internet connection. Dave and I let the puppies out later in the evening then went to the office to try to persuade the router to connect properly. Of course it started to rain at that moment so Dave was unimpressed with the idea of trudging through the camping in the dark and wet. The router refused to join the party and I was unenthusiastic at the prospect of going out in the rain once again, so we did without Internet until this morning when I finally got it to connect properly. The camping could do well to invest in a decent router! I might point this out to Georgia.

I’ve got a couple of grotty puppy blankets to wash but I don’t think there will be enough sun to dry them today as yet more rain is forecast. I need to muck out the van too, since sand is brought in each time we come back in: Dave and Boris have more feet than me and I leave my shoes at the door.

Fortunately, the sun is shining a little now which will dry out the trees and the ground slightly.

I have just heard form Susan (Nash – Royal School), who lives with her husband Geoff, on Kefalonia that they had a strong earthquake yesterday. Kefalonia is renowned for earthquakes and was flattened in the 1950s.

It is sunny

I am outside with Dave and the puppies, seated near one of the statics.

The sun is shining and it is warm.

The puppies are playing hide ‘n seek under the wooden steps between bashing each other up.

Such a change since yesterday!

I might show my legs to the sun!

Puppies can be very noisy. 


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