The sea is very powerful

I see you have had 10mm rain since midnight.

We had a wet evening as it was raining on and off.

One of my puppies decided to go off exploring whilst we were out on our walk so we were only 3 for supper when we got back. I put the boys to bed and Dave and Boris returned to the van with me. The puppies are still under the bar roof as we are having frequent rain.
I looked out for here from time to time and went out with Boris to explore with the intention of going further up the beach if necessary. As I stepped out of the van, there she was waiting by the step. I took them all out onto the beach for a wee etc and Boris wandered up to the far end of the beach with her. I saw a car drive away and wondered why someone would be out in that location at that time of night so decided to investigate. There were no puppies dumped in a box so we all went back to the camping. As No 1 was wet, I brought her back, dried her off and put her in her cage with a nice dry bed and some food and water. She seemed ok this morning although rather subdued. She didn’t wander off for some reason…

Yesterday was quite pleasant and sunny so I was able to sit outside by the statics and let the puppies run about whilst I spoke to Terry. He and Chris were in Hamburg for the weekend meeting up with some friends. The flights were cheap but the hotel was less so. Terry sent me a message telling me it was -11 but I looked at the weather stations nearby and it was only -7/-8C.

I think it’s going to be uninspiring today with showers and cloud…

We are still receiving periodic rain here too. I have opened the roof because I am baking bread and the lady in the round device attached to the ceiling tells me there is a fire if I don’t. Dave was concerned that there might be a fire but I explained that the lady in the round device was just being cautious.

Theoretically, having a larger amount of dogs shouldn’t create too much extra work however the smaller ones need to be let out more and entertained more. The older ones are content with a periodic wander in addition to the morning and evening walks which all dogs attend. Fortunately, Boris is feeling less inclined to eat the smaller dogs, and the smaller dogs are less inclined to steal his ball, so I can take them all out at the same time. Until recently I was taking Dave and the puppies and then going out again with Boris later. That was a bit of a bind although I got plenty of exercise as a result.

I don’t tend to worry much about what happened yesterday as yesterday is always in the past so of little interest anymore. I try to put most of my effort into what is happening today as that is generally much more important. I don’t worry much about the future either as most of that seems to change just as you think it’s all under control, so it’s probably best just to leave it to sort itself out.

You would have increased amusement with the keyboard on my laptop as it is Belgian and the symbols represented on the keys sometimes bear no relationship to those that appear on the screen. Switching to the Greek keyboard makes it even more exciting since then, very few of the symbols represent what appears on the screen.

You mean the guy with the whistle who plays the same, very limited repertoire whist hanging from a lamp post by his feet? One of Lewes’ more sane characters I believe. He had a large dog the last time I saw him. Perhaps he would be interested to learn that I have more dogs than him…

Georgia sent me a text earlier to say that she will not be coming back from Chania as she is going to the doctors with her leg – the one which has been playing her up for a while. She says that a friend will come in to feed her dogs later. I suppose I should go and let the puppies out again as the sun is out for a few minutes…

More rain forecast…


I’ve just come back from having a shower, as it was sunny yesterday, so plenty of hot water, and letting the puppies out for a wander around the camping. As I approached their cages, they couldn’t hear me over the sound of the sea, and I found them all fast asleep in a big heap of puppy!

They seemed quite pleased to go for a wander around and were out for about 20 minutes in different parts of the camping. Nothing like yesterday when I was enjoying the sunshine, drinking tea on a bench outside. You would need to be a bit of a masochist to be sitting drinking tea outside today.

It is raining again as I write: making up for the first part of the month when there was none. I have plenty to do inside but I would still prefer the sun and being out.

According to the South Malling weather station, you have had 11mm of rain since midnight and the temperature is 7.7C. It is raining and the outlook is rain – so pretty consistent all round!

Here it is 16.2 and raining with a forecast of more rain! Huge joy – wet dogs!

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