Sun after all the rain

Last night was wet as it rained from just after we got back from our walk for most of the evening and night. I went out with Dave during a lull to let out the puppies for five minutes. Then I went to bed having watched Paxman on WW1 before.

It was cold and wet this morning and then the power went off at around 09:00 so I decided the best thing to do was to lay in the sun. Seems a pity to waste it!

I got the puppies out and Dave and I went and laid in the sun on a lounger. Later the power came back on and Maria arrived for the weekend too. Their dogs were pleased I’m sure as they had been confined to barracks for several days. Maria let them out and I went and answered some emails.

Hopefully, now we will have a few days without rain and even a bit of warm dry weather.

Here is the hourly for today and the projected forecast

Inline images 1

We are having 18C at the moment.

This is your hourly and extended forecast – I know which I prefer!

Inline images 2


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