Exactly the same WW1 as you are watching, just that I see it after you on BBC iPlayer. I’m watching it digitally via the Internet so ‘reception’ is identical regardless of location. 

I know you had it in the box because you mentioned it this morning and I guessed you’d put it together as a team. It can’t be rocket science as these things are intended to be easily transported and assembled quickly.

We have just returned from a long outing to the sea and the lagoon. 
We started in the sea opposite the camping but it was certainly too rough for the puppies and Boris was not getting on well with the waves as the wind is from the south.

We moved to a more sheltered spot and Boris kept swimming out to retrieve his ball. Then I decided to go to the saltwater lagoon where it is flat calm and warmer. There Boris retrieved his ball from the water at least a million times and the puppies ventured in too. All except the smallest. One has already done quite a long swim before.

We stayed out until they were dropping so then I brought them back, fed them and put them in their cages. Boris will be unable to move later because he always goes for it but regrets it later.

They are all quiet now but I’ll take them out again for their ‘last thing’ wander at 22:00 as usual.

Maria has just told me that she will be getting up early tomorrow to let her dogs out as she has to attend a friend’s anniversary ceremony tomorrow. She kindly brought me another 20kg of dog food this afternoon. That will last another week. 


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