The sun is shining and it’s quite hot where I am sitting. I can feel the heat from the sun on my arms and legs as I am wearing polo shirt and shorts. 

Dave has decided to take himself off to the shade of the hedge where I can hear him panting. The puppies are bashing each other up or laying in the sun chewing things. 

I’ve been busy washing clothes and smelly pet bedding. My clothes are drying in the sun by one of the statics. Yesterday I washed all my bedding: time for the Spring Bed. 

Lorraine from Cretan Animal Protection emailed to say that she hadn’t forgotten me and that she would arrange for the puppies to be fostered prior to travel. Maybe they are all going to another country. 
Dave has now relocated to the shade of a van and has been joined by a couple of puppies. 

I bet your day isn’t nearly so exciting. 


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