Cleaning up

Yesterday was a lovely day: just like at UK hot summer’s day. I was wearing shorts and polo shirt until I came back from the evening dog walk around 17:30. They were all fed and put away before 18:00. They were quite tired as they had been out all day mostly following me around the camping as I got on with doing various jobs. Seeing as it was sunny, I decided to wash my stuff and a couple of smelly dog beds as I reckoned I could get it all dry by the evening. As it turned out, I was nearly right except for the bigger dog bed which was still a little soggy in the evening. It wasn’t needed so it didn’t matter.

I’d been meaning to wash the floors in the loos for several weeks and had finally tracked down a decent mop and bucket so decided to do it. The ladies had not been used since early January and we’d had a bit of wind since then so I swept it out, cleaned the basins and washed the floor. The gents had had various dogs frequent it so was in need of a little cleaning. Whilst doing the floors, my washing was in the washing machine – fair exchange for a bit of cleaning. I also bunged some bleach down all the loos and flushed all those where the trap was getting empty. The puppies were following me around, panting as it was quite warm, or laying in the sun or shade in the locations where I was busy. From time to time they might go off to frighten one of the large earth moving devices in the adjacent building site or threaten one of the workers – I bet they were scared.

I was getting fed up with the grotty state of the kitchens too so I cleared away all the rubbish, wiped the counter, swept the floors and ran a mop over them. I felt that, since I am the only person on the site, and any visitor will come to me to pay, they might think that I am responsible for such a grotty camping. At least the loos are clean, they have paper, and most of them work. Unfortunately Andy, the young Albanian who was responsible for the camping and who is now on ‘holiday’ had really lost the will before going away. I suspect that he will not be returning unless he absolutely has to.

I managed to find time to make some bread and to play with the puppies too. Boris was out in his bed but has to be attached as I can never rely on him to stay in one place. Dave simply wanders around the camping flopping down in either the sun or the shade in the hope of not being discovered by the puppies. If I sit somewhere, he will catch me up as will all the puppies giving me the opportunity to have a roll call. The puppies sometimes venture as far as the beach but don’t appear to want to go too far.

In the evening we went over the dunes as it was still warm and sunny. I could tell the puppies were flagging as they were more interested in laying in the sun as I threw Boris’ ball. We found a length of rope on the beach which had probably fallen from the ship. The ends were frayed so I dragged it along behind me for the puppies to attack. One of them grabbed it and wouldn’t let go at any cost allowing himself to be dragged through the sand for quite a way.

Today is looking quite promising so I think I’ll go and get on with a few things. 

There are no clouds in the sky at all today. It is as warm as yesterday if not warmer. The local primary school sent an invasion party along the beach to the dunes area so I kept the puppies in until they went back. I suspected their trip would not go so well with their help.

The sea is a deeper blue than the sky and probably a lot wetter too. Dave is panting and laying in the sun. He may not appreciate the correlation between being black and getting hot when it’s sunny.

There is a dripping tap nearby where I have put a bowl so that the drips can go into the dogs rather than the ground. Periodic sounds of lapping coming from that direction.

I may need to move somewhere with more of a breeze. 


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