It’s all go today: Full Moon and Valentines Day. The moon was nearly full last night but I could see just a little bit on the bottom left hand corner which was still in darkness. Despite the moon last night, I could see quite a few stars including Orion as the sky was very clear. At one point last night, I looked out to sea and could make out a passing cruise liner by all the lights. It seemed odd to see all of those lights out to sea when usually it is so quiet here.

We had a couple of showers in the night but the puppies were ok as their cage covers can withstand a little rain without leaking. They are getting bigger and naughtier too. I have a deal of a problem getting one back into the cage as he likes to give me the runaround before submitting to being caught. Boris seems to be getting along better with them but I suspect he won’t be happy until they have gone and he is able to resume his normal routine.

It looks as though today is going to be a bit variable with the possibility of a bit more rain tonight and then fine for a few days.
I see that you are due some rain and strong winds which I’m sure will make a nice change…

I should go shopping today as I have run out of fresh veg but it hardly seems any time since I last went shopping! Still, I’ll have a chat with Dave to see how he feels about it. I have a router to install for Inter Sport in Seaford later so I’ll have to get the shopping out of the way first. Decisions, decisions…

Maria came to the camping for a while yesterday morning, fed the dogs and let them out. I thought she said that Georgia would be coming back last night to stay for the weekend but she is not here today and I saw no lights on in her residence last night. Georgia’s leg is still troubling her but she is having regular treatment. The doctor has told her that she should not go up and down stairs which is difficult seeing as her apartment in Chania is on three floors. She might decide to stay here for a while as it’s all on one level but I suspect the things she wants to do are mostly in Chania which is not near enough to keep popping back and forth.

I’m going to let out the little mutts and then go shopping – such excitement!

A nice man in a shiny BMW saw this white-haired old man struggling along the road with his faithful black dog at his side. He was carrying his shopping in a backpack and a shopping bag and, as it was raining, he offered him a lift to Palaiochora.

As it turned out, I declined his kind offer as I wasn’t going to Palaiochora and I felt sure the nice man didn’t want wet dog, wet shopping and wet man in his car. It must be ‘help the elderly week’ in Crete!’

It was a kind offer though but it had stopped raining by then and I was more than halfway back anyway. 

I got back just in time for another shower is in progress as I write. 

We are having showers and the sky is looking quite black as I write, which is a pity as we should be going out for our evening walk pretty soon.

The latest forecast talks about rain this evening and night being a certainty so I had better make sure the puppies are well tucked up later.

I notice some unread mail in your inbox and my previous one remains unread too. I wonder if there is a technical problem or you are not able to see things you should do. Perhaps you would leave your computer on so that I can take a look?

Did you have a flood in the kitchen? I thought I had fixed nearly everything which could leak although it is a bit like a submarine under the sink!

Everyone I have written to says that the weather in UK is horrid. I was talking to Chris in Heathfield and it was virtually dark at 13:30 apparently. Two separate people in Haslemere/Hindhead have told me it is dreadful there too.

I guess with the threat of rain and cloud, I am not going to see much of the Full Moon. Perhaps it is already out. I will take a look when I go out soon.

I have washed yet more puppy blankets as those left out to air this morning got wet so, rather than dry them off, I decided they could do with a wash. Boris will have to do with only one blanket this evening but he will have two lovely clean ones once these eventually dry. Puppies only get blankets which have served elsewhere and the clean ones come to the van first.

I suppose I had better take them all out for their walk although it seems a shame since they are all so lovely and quiet at present…


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