Order is restored

Thankfully the local PWS is now updating again so I can continue with reliable weather forecasts. Using the weather station at Chania Airport is less useful considering how far away it is.
Today the maximum was 21C, the warmest it has been so far this month although it was 0.7C warmer in January.

We spent most of the time sitting in the sun. We being 1 – 4 and Dave. Boris was outside in his bed taking the air too but by the van. The problem having Boris ‘free-range’ is that he wants to play ball all the time and I am not up for that. Anyway, we all chilled in the sun until about 15:15 when I got them all together and we set off for the beach on the other side. I hadn’t properly thought out my route as there were a number of people sunning themselves of the beach – Greek people using their own beaches! They suddenly found themselves invaded by lots of dogs and puppies but I said I was sorry and went on with Dave and Boris plus 2+4. 1+3 decided they would like to stay on the beach with some lucky people so I left them to it. See if I care – the door is always open, but please shut it once you leave.

Boris spent a jolly afternoon splashing about in the lagoon, which I didn’t think was particularly warm, whilst 2+4 lazed in the sun. Dave went for a little swim and contented himself with pottering around. At one point a couple with an Alsatian came to the lagoon so 2+4 went off to see her off. Considering 4 is the smallest of the puppies, he makes enough noise for two of them. All of this yapping continued until the Alsatian, no doubt bemused by all the racket, slowly approached the puppies who suddenly changed their tune from aggressive ‘seeing off’ barking to passive ‘please don’t hurt me’ barking. It reminded me of the wide mouth frog joke. Anyway, having put the fear of god into this Alsatian, they returned for more laying in the sun.

After a couple of hours, the other two hadn’t shown up so we headed back to the camping for something to eat as we’d done enough walking by this time. As we approached the camping, 1+3 made an appearance and then wondered why they were not being greeted like the Prodigal Son. 1+3 had been stuffing themselves with food offered by the couple on the beach so went straight to bed. 1 isn’t talking to me anyway as she keeps wandering off around the camping. 2,3 & 4 generally stick by me so I thought it was time to teach her a lesson in not wandering off. She went off once, so I brought her back, she did it again, so I brought her back. On the third time, I took her back to her cage and shut her in. She was ok initially as she could have a bite to eat. Once she discovered that she was apart from the others she started to make a fuss. They went off from where I was sitting to see her but soon returned. I waited until she was quiet and then let her out of the cage. However, I put a lead on her preventing her from running off. She was very unhappy with this arrangement and made a terrible fuss. After a while, I removed the lead and she flopped down in the shade under my lounger where she stayed until I was ready to go out.

In a way, it’s good that 1+3 attach themselves easily to others as it will make them easy to re-home. However, I want them to stay with me in the camping and not wandering around bothering anyone else who might be present as there was this weekend.

So there you have it.


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