Chilly night

I woke up about 05:45 because all the dogs were barking and noticed it was a bit cool in my pit. Then I realised that the dogs were barking because it was cold. When I got up at about 06:50 I looked at the thermometer which read 9.5C outside and 12.1C inside. Which explains why both the internal and external dogs were fidgeting about.

My local PWS tells me that it’s 18.8C at present (08:45) and that the low was 10.2C but he is higher up on the mountain so will have had the sun before me. The differences in temperature will probably have been from inconsistencies in the thermometers as neither of us are using very advanced equipment. Without a decent shield, the rays of the sun falling directly on the sensor give inaccurate results. The professional models have a fan aspirated temperature module where the fan constantly moves the outside air over the sensor to provide a more stable and accurate measurement.

It was lovely out early this morning as there was no wind and a virtually clear sky with only a few little decorative clouds. The moon was still out and I tried to take a picture however I suspect I would have been hard-pushed to capture the moment as it never looks the same in a photo.

All the doggies played nicely and even Boris seemed to engage just a little bit with the puppies! He was not too stiff following his exertions yesterday and perhaps the climate is more suited to his advancing years. I know that it is for mine!

I watched the next episode of the rookie teachers in difficult schools series where they take them out of the classroom on a trip and find that they can relate to them better and build some sort of relationship with the more difficult children. In this episode, they receive the results from their mock GCSEs which are in many cases quite surprising.

I have been communicating for some while with Cretan Animal Protection which is run by the lovely Lorraine from UK. She is arranging for at least one of the puppies to be shipped to UK to one of her friends. The others too may go to UK with him. I might be tempted to keep the smallest one if no home is found for him.
Yesterday, as you have read, was a lovely day and you may have seen from my forecast that we should have nice weather until Friday when it may be cloudy. However, I don’t have much confidence with long forecasts so will just take it as it comes.

I hope you have a good time tomorrow when you travel to Watford (mind the gap!).

So there you have it.


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