I hope you had a good trip and a nice lunch on Tuesday. Going by car has got to be easier.

Sunny again today with a max around 19C. I have been quite busy over the past couple of days doing things with computers.

The puppies seem to be developing a little, the boys in particular. Three of them share and one is quite dominant. The PuppyCam helps me to keep an eye on them if I hear too much growling and squeaking. The most dominant was put in the cage on his own with his food this evening because he is often pushing the smallest off his bowl. It’s not a big deal as they all get enough to eat but I felt it would be nice to have a bit of tranquillity rather than pushing and shoving.

At bedtime, the largest, and slightly less dominant of the boys took himself off to Boris’ outside daytime bed whilst I was putting the other two in the cage. I gave him a blanket and left him there to see what he would do. After about 40 minutes he decided it might be nicer to be back with the other two so started to create a din. I think the initial freedom soon wore off.

Later, having let them out for the last time, I quickly found the bigger two but couldn’t find the smallest. I went back to the beach, but he was nowhere to be seen, so I went returned to the camping.  I looked around and found that he too had decided to try Boris’ bed. I know he would last about 5 seconds out there on his own so shoved him into the cage with the others as it was 12C and likely to get cooler.

At walk time this evening, they had all disappeared to the excitement of some young women who are staying in the rooms but cooking in the communal kitchen. Dave, Boris and I went for the evening walk as usual but without the puppies.  We returned after some 45 minutes, by which time the women had disappeared to their rooms leaving the puppies to go back to the van to find no one there! Shock horror!
They were very pleased to see us when we got back but I decided I would not rush. I took in the washing, I fed Boris and Dave, I swept out the van and generally ignored their eagerness to eat. I then arranged their cages, changed their water and slowly prepared their food. I threw a few balls for Boris before giving out the bowls. By this time it was starting to get dark. They will be quite reasonably trained for their new owners.

So there you have it. 


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