Problems with PuppyCam

Yesterday there were problems with the Puppycam and it may not have been visible if you followed the links I sent earlier. Further exploration revealed the lens was defective and one of the modules had fallen out! I have now changed it for a spare so normal service is resumed. I was surprised at the difference in quality once the lens had been swapped.

Here is the link again in case you cannot find it in the previous email:

Yesterday evening on our usual walk, I failed to spot a group of young people who were having a BBQ at the kantina by the end of the beach. By the time I had worked out what they were doing, it was a little late to abort the mission although I could make sure Dave and Boris didn’t introduce themselves. The puppies however charged off after the smell of cooking meat although two of them thought better of it and caught me up. The other two were more persistent and I could make out one of the lads chasing them away from their supper! They too, caught up so I decided to take them on a very long walk over the rocks on the promontory and climbed up and down all over the place. When we finally started to go back, the young people were still there although the puppies decided that returning to the camping was preferable. Later, during the last walk of the day, the puppies all came back however Dave decided to explore on his own. Having put the puppies to bed, I went after Dave who was quite surprised when I appeared.
This morning two of the puppies completely missed the morning walk as they were more interested in picking up any scraps they could retrieve after the BBQ. The other two seemed happy on their own and enjoyed their biscuits when they got back. The BBQ gang were not hungry so one went in her cage and the other I isolated in a couple of crates as he was more interested in annoying the others. In fact he is still isolated because I am trying to study the dynamics of the boys to see which one is the disrupting influence. Their cage is becoming a little tight on space since they are all growing by the day.

I may try to isolate them all, in turn, to see which work best together. Having the camera helps as I am able to watch them without them knowing.

These two seem quiet enough at present.

Inline images 1

Sunny at present and the possibility of rain later seems to have gone.

What other excitements will the day bring?


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