You may have noticed that I exited the conversation rather precipitously yesterday when my battery finally went flat. I took the dogs out after that. The little boys were playing on the beach nearby and one of the puppies rushed off into the arms of one of them. As we disappeared up the beach, she leapt from his clasp leaving him abandoned with his little friends. Later, when we returned, he was still there and she rushed back to him. After a short while, he brought her back and posted her through the gate between the bars.

Boris later decided to attack the other dogs on the camping doing so in the most awkward place where the thorny bushes grow up against the fence. The puppies naturally didn’t wish to be excluded from the excitement so came rushing into the fray. So there I was, crawling through the bushes after Boris who was barking and carrying on at the fence where Georgia’s dogs, on the other side, were together barking back. Factor in the puppies yapping and yelping, and you can imagine what it must have been like! Finally dragging Boris out from the hedge, he was unceremoniously ‘escorted’ back to the van and tied to a tree. I will have to make a point of always tying him up as he simply cannot resist the temptation to have a close-proximity barking contest with Georgia’s dogs.

Fortunately, it didn’t rain last night and it was quite warm. I even contemplated opening the roof vent at one point! The likelihood is that all this will change today as it appears quite cloudy as I write and the forecast predicts storms and rain in the night as well as rain for most of tomorrow. I was thinking about going shopping tomorrow but that might be postponed until Tuesday as walking in the raining carrying shopping is not very amusing.

I had hoped to have made some adjustment to your computer yesterday but I was unable to connect each time I tried. Could it be that it was not left on?

I keep forgetting to mention that there is still snow in the mountains. Only at the very top, you understand, but snow just the same. 

With the current trend of warmer days and nights, I feel that the days of snow are numbered. 

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